Monday, August 26, 2013

All Good Things Come to an End...for a month

The classroom is nearly silent. Just the scratch of pencils, the brushing of fingers on paper to clear away those bits of stubborn eraser. A slight breeze wafts in from the courtyard window mixing the smell of paper and rose oud perfume. A little after the wall clock ticks to noon, the call to prayer sounds. I hope it is a comforting sound to the students so focused on their final exam in front of them.

We have reached the end of the summer term, and my little muffins will be officially done after my exam, and their vacation can begin.  I wonder if they mind me calling them muffins. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy muffins?!

I think back on my first year at AUIS, and I believe this summer has been the most fulfilling. I am comfortable enough here to know how things operate, no longer being the new one on crew; I have another solid year of teaching at the university level under my belt; and the summer offers a chance to really apply yourself as a teacher due to the fewer number of students enrolled.

Smaller class sizes do make a difference. There isn’t a chance for someone not to participate because with 8-12 students a class, there is time for everyone to contribute and ask questions.  I can get quizzes and homework graded and returned the next day, which always means happier students. And happier students make for a happier classroom environment.

I will be going back to level 2 grammar in the fall and won’t have the privilege of working with these young adult muffins in the future.  I hope they have a relaxing break, but also make time to read something in English so they won’t be behind in the fall.  For those who are travelling south, I pray they and their families remain safe and away from the violence.

I very much look forward to starting my second year at AUIS and meeting another great group of students….maybe I’ll call them 'schmuffins'.

To love what you do and feel that it matters- how could anything be more fun?
-Katherine Graham

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