Thursday, January 31, 2013

She Taught Me Good!

My first semester is officially done.  Finals graded, grades submitted, and graduation cookies have been eaten.  At our last faculty meeting, we were given our student evaluations.  Having written these as a student, it was a new experience to be on the receiving end.  Out of my 80ish students, only two weren't very pleased with the class. One said I should laugh less...

Overall, it was a very rewarding semester and I genuinely hope that some of my students left my classroom no longer fearing grammar.  I am aware that most people despise it, so if they left with only a mild distaste for the subject matter, I'll take it as a success and move on to tweak and improve where I can for next semester.

A week of fun (at least I hope fun and not riots) in Cairo awaits and I'll shall leave you with yet another awkward (awesome?) exchange I had with a student this semester.

This student approached my desk during a group assignment to eventually ask me about 'burps' via farting....the conversation went like this:

Student: Hi teacher...aaah Ok, you know the air down there?... (motions behind him while pointing down)

Me: the..air...down there???

Student: Yeah, the air down there... (whispering) it's called farts...

Me: Are you really asking me about farts in the middle of an exercise?

Student: No disrespect...aah, ok?

Me: oooookay...what would you like to know?

Student: Well...the air up here (motions to throat)..what's called?

Me: Burp...That's a can also use that as a verb...

Student: Oh. Okay! Thank you teacher!

Just to be clear, the assignment they were working on involved neither of those bodily functions.

I will miss my level 2's dearly, and wish their level 3 teachers lots of luck!

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  1. hahaha! LOved the last convo between you and your student! #RANDOM!


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