Friday, November 9, 2012

Teaching in Kurdish Iraq

        It's Thursday and the last day of the first week of teaching at AUIS (weekends here run Friday/Saturday).  I have about 65 students spread over four level 2 Grammar classes, and so far it's the best, most exhausting teaching experience I've had so far.  We get in early and leave late and go home to grade papers!  The other instructors here really work together within the disciplines and within the levels, and they have been a great support in my transition back to an EFL teacher from ESL in Virginia.

     My students come from different parts of Iraq and Iran, and are eager to begin their academic studies in IT, engineering, mathematics, etc.  Our program runs on trimesters, so I only have 12 instructional weeks to move my students to the next level.  We will be exhausted my February, but InshAllah, we will all have learned a great deal.

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