Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Update, Jealous!?

I was going to try for a scintillating report/commentary on some issue in Egypt/on campus/in Rehab, but I got nothing. But since my friend Ben will harp on me if I don't update this thing, I thought I'd just give you a few bullet points of what's been going here in Al Sahara:

1. I'm still attending all my grad classes; although, there are mornings where for 2 minutes and 34 seconds I seriously contemplate sleeping til 4pm and not going outside til the sun has gone down.

2. We just started getting some "fall-like" weather here at night. The other evening as I was walking to a friend's house, I actually said to myself, "oh! It's quite chilly. I wish I had brought a light cardigan."

3. I'm teaching 3 English classes at the Lamb Center. All level 12 which I've taught before. The final will be on October 31st, which just makes me realize how fast this semester is going by!

4. Our waiter at Lucille's restaurant asked for my number... granted, it was so they could notify me when they would start carrying pumpkin pie (next week, InshAllah, if you were wondering)

5. I'm thoroughly enjoying my apartment still. I am still waiting for an A/C unit to be put in my living room, but my gas stove didn't kill me when I used it the other night, so that was a plus.

6. I live on the 5th floor. There is no elevator. The grocery store delivers my groceries (which include large boxes of bottled water) for the U.S. equivalent of $.85. Jealous?!

7. I left my 'metro token' coin holder in the states and am so heart-broken. So now every time a guy selling tchotchkes gets on the metro, I'm ever hopeful he will have some for me to buy. Alas, the guy the other night was only selling sheets of band-aids. Because, I guess you never know when you might need to quickly patch up a head wound.

8. One of the things I'm missing the most about America is my chiropractic clinic; I need an adjustment like Woh! Oh, and pumpkin flavored treats that abound during this festive time.

9. There are no pictures for this post cuz I have consistently left my camera in the apartment every time I go out. Next time, I promise! =)

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  1. LOL Rachel you sound great! You're upbeat and sound like you're having a great time too! You're almost finished? Wow! I am too! I laughed at the number thing...funny lady!

    Autumn colors are beginning to show here in Alabama, Auburn University is undefeated, Starbucks is now selling pumpkin-spice latte, the Republicans are trying to take over the House in Nov, it's in the 70's during the day & 40-50's at night here in the deep south, and I just passed midterms and heading full steam ahead to the end of my last semester in this masters, to graduate in May! Heading back home in June...and directly into a job waiting :) All is well in both of the southern lands :)

    Have a great semester and it's great to read your updates! Do more of them and put your camera NOW in your backpack so you don't forget! I'll take some photos of campus and the leaves when they get prettier for you :) My blog is updated too!


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