Thursday, February 4, 2010

Back to School

Seeing as how I haven’t updated since November and I also forgot I had a blog for a bit there; I thought it was time to update. The picture seen here is the view from my apartment window. That’s right, I moved off campus and into an apartment with my friends Lucy, Ben, and Johan! I am a skip and a hop away from the AUC bus stop, the metro station, and various restaurants. I am ignoring the fact that Cinnabon and McDonalds will deliver to your door because that would equal disaster in sooo many ways.

Classes began on the 31st. Our department was then informed that the first week of classes were cancelled so the MA TEFL students (that’s me) could attend the Nile TESOL conference being held downtown. So here I sit on a Thursday, making spicy tomato chicken soup and updating the blog, rather than taking the 40 minute bus ride to campus for some “edu-ma-cation”.

This semester should be action-packed and I’m super excited! I’m taking 3 courses, Discourse Analysis, Grammar, and Second-Language Acquisition. Only one class a day and none on Tuesday, which isn’t too shabby. I’d promise that I’d update more, but I don’t want to be a liar =)

Side note: Yes, those are some awesome, ancient pyramids in the background of the picture.

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