Thursday, November 19, 2009

Top Ten Things I Love About AUC

10. It's in Egypt ( 'nuff said)

9. Shiny new campus (Have you seen this place? No? I posted a pic)

8. Desert nights (90 during the day but 55 in the evening)

7. A Plethora of palm trees (They're just so cool)

6. Gym located 200 ft. from my door (because the gym 10 minutes from my house in VA was too far)

5. Banana juice (made fresh and available 24/7)

4. Classes chock full O'knowledge (that don't begin until 2pm)

3. Apartment fully equipped with 3 awesome roommates (U8 1A holler!)

2. Ben, Henry, Lucy, Johan, and the disenchanted graduates downstairs (Yay for cool people!)

1. Everyday adventures (They happen, like, everyday)

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